Hot Mod (teh_hotboy) wrote in bunchahotboys,
Hot Mod

The Adventures of Tea, Mik, Jen, Faith, and a Bunch of Hot Boys

Friends only, comment to be added.

Prologue: smittenly
Part One: smittenly
Part Two: aliah_carina
Part Three: In which Mik joins the fun & also steals Tea's formatting softlyforgotten
Part Four: smittenly
Part Five: In which Jen replies to TWO stories & the stories develop titles aliah_carina
Part Six: In which Mik forgets the omgz notes & so deletes and reposts softlyforgotten
Part Seven: In which Jen protests at being killed off aliah_carina
Part Eight: In which Mik writes one entry before going off to study softlyforgotten
Part Nine: In which Jen writes one last entry before going to school aliah_carina
Part Ten: In which Tea has a monologue, and introduces a new character smittenly
Part Eleven: In Which Mik Wakes Up. Finally. softlyforgotten
Part Twelve: In Which Tea Just Had the Best Chocolate Cake Known to Man smittenly
Part Thirteen: In which Draco discovers the joys of coconuts aliah_carina
Part Fourteen: In which Jack, Mikaella, and Zach go on a mission softlyforgotten
Part Fifteen: In which some other characters hog the dialogue smittenly
Part Sixteen: In which a Boyband concert is planned aliah_carina
Part Seventeen: In which Tea doesn't write much, mwaha! Enjoy! smittenly
Part Eighteen: At which Jen doesn't write much either, as she is DYING aliah_carina
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