Hot Mod (teh_hotboy) wrote in bunchahotboys,
Hot Mod

The Adventures of Tea, Mik, Jen, Faith, and a Bunch of Hot Boys

Friends only, comment to be added.

Prologue: smittenly
Part One: smittenly
Part Two: aliah_carina
Part Three: In which Mik joins the fun & also steals Tea's formatting softlyforgotten
Part Four: smittenly
Part Five: In which Jen replies to TWO stories & the stories develop titles aliah_carina
Part Six: In which Mik forgets the omgz notes & so deletes and reposts softlyforgotten
Part Seven: In which Jen protests at being killed off aliah_carina
Part Eight: In which Mik writes one entry before going off to study softlyforgotten
Part Nine: In which Jen writes one last entry before going to school aliah_carina
Part Ten: In which Tea has a monologue, and introduces a new character smittenly
Part Eleven: In Which Mik Wakes Up. Finally. softlyforgotten
Part Twelve: In Which Tea Just Had the Best Chocolate Cake Known to Man smittenly
Part Thirteen: In which Draco discovers the joys of coconuts aliah_carina
Part Fourteen: In which Jack, Mikaella, and Zach go on a mission softlyforgotten
Part Fifteen: In which some other characters hog the dialogue smittenly
Part Sixteen: In which a Boyband concert is planned aliah_carina
Part Seventeen: In which Tea doesn't write much, mwaha! Enjoy! smittenly
Part Eighteen: At which Jen doesn't write much either, as she is DYING aliah_carina
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Hey, this is Ivy, a RL friend of Tea~ I'd love to read this :3
^ Yes, you so have to add this girl! :D XD
You can be added for sure! You just have to request membership first X)
Aha! I knew I forgot something >< that's what I get for doing too many things at once.
Hey, it's fine! I've added you now X) Enjoy!!
Hello dears, it's Melanie, back from the long dead, who would like to see if you all have progressed with this whatsoever :)